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Authentic learning is achieved through techniques, which include gestures and repetition. The use of high-frequency vocabulary, introduced with gestures and contextualized in story telling, drama and songs, allows students to rapidly achieve levels of oral proficiency rarely seen with conventional methods. This teaching method is then supported by the Montessori principles of sensorial learning, isolation of concepts and respecting each child's unique developmental stage. A.I.M is a natural partner to the Montessori method.

As Maria Montessori said, "what the hand does, the mind remembers." The children have fun, associate vocabulary words with movement and laughter, all the while learning to speak in full sentences. It is extraordinary to watch young children, never exposed to the French language, begin to speak in full sentences, and understand what they are saying. Small class sizes, combined with short, consecutive lessons, are all key components to my successful approach.

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